Car diagnostics in Ann Arbor

The check engine light, which is attached to an on-board analytical system, monitors many parameters. Our knowledgeable technicians normally can determine the source of the situation without having to put your automobile thru unnecessary vehicle repairs, by employing factory diagnostic tools that many other retailers just don’t have. With this knowledge we get you out of the shop faster than most other mechanics in Ann Arbor,.

Back in the early nineties, cars created in America were required to provide a 16-pin OBD-II connection enabling us to get into the onboard diagnostics system. At Ron’s Garage, we use it to deal with the check engine light, especially.

Previous to that, vehicles had molded plugs or would simply just flash a limited number of times which would correspond with the issue. In the era of innovative modern technology, the OBD-II makes the job simpler, permitting our shop to simply detect the situation while steering clear of unnecessary labor.

Most often, your check engine light is on for one of four or 5 factors. It might suggest that it’s time for you to switch the oxygen sensing unit, your fuel cap is loose-fitting or malfunctioning, catalytic converter substitution is needed, a mass airflow sensor is malfunctioning, or it’s as easy as changing spark plugs or cables. No matter; hire an experienced specialist to make any and all repairs.

Auto diagnostics Ann Arbor

We proudly use and support Cardone’s flash programmer, MATCO determinator, Snap-on Modus programmer diagnostic tools and other launch scanners and start testers to best diagnose your car trouble and limit unnecessary labor costs.