Auto repair in Ann Arbor, MI

When money’s tight, sacrifices just have to be considered. Consequently, just what will go 1st? It’s usually things that seem to have the smallest effect. With gas prices throughout the world being as high as they are, it’s quite normal to think only of your vehicle any time it’s burning a hole in your wallet at the gas tank. However, if this means skimping on simple inspections, you may be putting yourself at a greater risk.

Our shop is concerned with protecting your most significant expense: you and the family’s protection. That’s exactly why we advise regular service and maintenance to protect you from costly auto repairs in the long run, as well as a less hazardous driving circumstance today.

Auto tune up service in Ann Arbor, MI

Fuel filters
Many of us are generally reluctant to fill up our vehicle’s gas tank because of the expense of petrol prices in comparison to the size of each our pocket books. Nevertheless, in the event you typically travel on a small tank of gasoline, the fuel filters could become slow or stopped up. Please leave these fixes to the certified technicians with our shop.

Transmission repair in Ann Arbor, MI
Whether or not it needs replacement, repair or perhaps just some attention, we’re keeping your budget and also the integrity of your automobile in mind when performing any transmission repairs. Call us to find out if one thing you’re suffering from is related to the transmission in your car. We will take on other vehicle repair shops inside our area.

Car heater repair in Ann Arbor, MI
Try driving during the warm summer months or cold winter season without a car heater or air conditioner and you’ll know how urgent these kinds of repairs can be! If the A/C or heater core is out, bring your car in for immediate attention. A word of caution for do-it-yourselfers: replacement of the A/C unit entails handling hazardous aspects and is expensive to correct, if completed incorrectly.

Mechanic in Ann Arbor, MI

No matter if it’s an Acura, Ford, or beat-up Chevrolet, you ought to expect the best service and for your car to be returned in better good condition than when it came in. Ron’s Garage carries some of the finest auto parts obtainable. We also work with your budget and compete with rates from other auto shops throughout our area to get you the best deal. Adding values to your vehicle is surely well worth the cost; especially if you ever want to offer your automobile to a dealer or sell to a private-party.