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Auto Tune-Up Ann Arbor, MI


The type of car shouldn’t matter, if it’s the latest Lexus model, or the hand me down Chevy that you got, you can count on excellent service at Ron’s Garage. We repair all Makes/Models and ensure that your car is returned to you in better condition than when it came in. We carry some of the finest auto parts obtainable. We work with your budget, compete with local auto shop prices, and get you the best deal!

Auto Tune Up

Fuel Filter Repair

A Fuel Filter does it’s job behind the scenes, and not many of us actually think of the importance of it. We live in Michigan, home of the rusty car, and a rusty Fuel Filter could cause gas leaks, and trust me, no one wants to waste fuel! Our certified technicians will show your Fuel Filter the love it deserves!

Transmission Repair

Keeping your car’s Transmission in great shape is essential to a functioning vehicle. If you notice your car is having trouble shifting, stop by Ron’s Garage for a diagnosis. If it needs to be repaired or replaced, or maybe just some attention, you can count on us to keep your budget and the integrity of the vehicle in mind while performing the needed service.

Car Heater Repair

No matter which season it is, driving your vehicle without a functioning heater is no fun! Whether you are without heat in the winter, or A/C in the summer, we would be happy to repair it and get you back on the road in comfort. A note to the do-it-yourselfers: replacement of the A/C unit entails handling hazardous aspects and it is expensive to correct if completed incorrectly.


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