Tires and Wheel Alignment in Ann Arbor, MI

People often wonder around here, where can I get my suspension repaired in Ann Arbor and how do I know my car’s suspension is bad? Well your first clue is if anything seems different while driving the car, for example while hitting bump does your car make any noises that it didn’t use to? Does it feel unstable at high speeds? Does it pull to the left or right? Do you have to constantly correct the steering wheel to go straight down the road? These are common complaints that Ron’s Garage in Ann Arbor hears from customers almost on a daily basis.

Tires in Ann Arbor, MI

Also if your tires aren’t wearing evenly, are wearing too fast, or your tires seem to make a lot of noise that you can hear inside of your car, these are other signs that you have steering/suspension issues. Ron’s Garage repairs automotive suspensions and steering systems in Ann Arbor. Ron’s Garage is now an official Goodyear dealer and also sells Dunlop and Kelly tires as well, and our prices are very competitive with the big tire retailers. Ron’s Garage in Ann Arbor also has the latest and greatest Hunter fully computerized alignment equipment available.

Wheel Alignment in Ann Arbor, MI

A good wheel alignment will not only make your tires last longer but will also save you money in gas. When your wheels are aligned properly it’s easier for your engine to push your car down the road, and a properly aligned vehicle is also more stable, especially at higher speeds, giving you that safe comfortable feel while driving. Ron’s Garage in Ann Arbor knows that buying tires at a tire store can be overwhelming with so many choices. Goodyear is an American company that has been making tires for over 100 years.

Kelly Tires are all made in America and are a great entry level tire with a 55000 mile warranty, Dunlop is more of a sports car tire. Ron’s Garage has the tires you need and with 35 years in business and our ASE certified technicians your car can rest assured that we’ll have you driving straight down the road with all those clunky noises gone in no time flat. And don’t forget it all comes with the best auto repair warranty in Ann Arbor 3 Years or 36,000 miles that cover parts and labor. Give us a call today!