Ball joint repair Ann Arbor MI

Ball joint repair Ann Arbor MI

What is a ball joint and what does it do?

We are often asked what happens if I don’t replace my loose ball joint. Your ball joints are a very important piece of your suspension. It is a ball and socket type of joint that allows circular movement but no vertical or side to side movement. Unlike a sway bar link, if your ball joints breaks your car will be dead in its tracks, and it will usually ruin the brake hose, axle shaft, tire and wheel and may even damage the fender. Ron’s Garage inspects your ball joints and suspension every time your car is in for service. Signs of a loose ball joint are abnormal and premature tire wear, a pull in one direction or the other and an unstable feeling while driving at higher speeds. Other signs of a loose or worn ball joint are a clunking noise while hitting bumps or a tire that is sitting at a funny angle compared to the other tires. Also, bear in mind there may be no signs or symptoms at all. That’s why having them inspected with your routine maintenance is very important. Quick stop oil change joints can not check your ball joints because the tires have to be off the ground. Ron’s Garage in Ann Arbor does a digital inspection virtually every time your car is here so you can rest assured that your car is in tip top shape.


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