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How does my the heating system in my car work?

Ever wonder where the heat in your car comes from or how it works or who can repair your heat in Ann Arbor?. The heat in your car comes from the coolant that keeps your engine cool. As the engine warms up the coolant gets hot , typically between 195-210 degrees Fahrenheit .The hot antifreeze is pushed by the water pump through a thing called the heater core ( a small radiator/ heater exchange inside your dashboard). The heater core is inside the heating/ ventilation /air conditioning box also known as HVAC box. Inside of that box is an electric fan that draws fresh air from the outside of the vehicle and blows the air through the heater core. The hot air that exits the heater core can be mixed with cold air by adjustable doors called “blend doors” to adjust the temperature of the air if desired. Then the air is directed to the windshield, center vents or the floor by “distribution doors”. Late model cars use little electric actuator motors to adjust the “flappers/distribution”. If you hear a clicking noise in your dashboard while adjusting your heater temperature or switching from defrost to floor mode, most likely you have a bad actuator/blend door motor. If your heat seems to be not as hot as it should be, or just blows cold there are a few different things that could be wrong. First is the coolant level could be low, or your engine thermostat could be stuck in the open position, the heater core can be plugged or the temp/ blend door actuator motors may be broken.

Call Ron’s Garage we can repair all your heating problems. Are your windows always fogged up or frozen on the inside? Make sure your re-circulation button is not illuminated. (This is a very common problem) If you can smell antifreeze inside the vehicle you most likely have a leaking heater core. (This is an extensive job on most vehicles) Not all cars work exactly the same way, some cars have very basic manual controls while higher end vehicles may have fully automatic climate control systems that can be complicated to repair. Ron’s Garage has the experience and factory diagnostic tools to quickly diagnose any heating problem you may have . If you have any questions about the heater in your car call please call Ron’s Garage at 734-662-8379.

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