How To Choose The Right Auto Mechanic Ann Arbor, MI

How To Choose The Right Auto Mechanic Ann Arbor, MI

When your car needs a repair, it’s important to choose the right auto mechanic to best serve your vehicle’s needs.

With an investment as significant as a vehicle, it’s important to make sure that your repairs and maintenance needs are put in trusted hands.

Ron’s Garage has been serving Ann Arbor, Michigan and surrounding areas since 1982.

If you’re looking for professional automotive services at a fair price with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, their exceptionally trained staff is ready to help.

In this article, you will discover the benefits of ASE Certifications and NAPA Auto Care Centers like Ron’s Garage.

ASE Certification

An ASE Certification is important when choosing your auto mechanic, because it is a credential that indicates automotive repair excellence.

Only automotive service professionals who complete their certification testing standards successfully are awarded an ASE certification—based strictly on merit and ability.

ASE certified mechanics are deemed trustworthy and skillful, bringing you the confidence you deserve when dropping off your vehicle.

A business itself cannot claim an ASE certification. They are not rewarded to specific body shops or auto repair companies—just the mechanics that work at the shop.

Ron’s Garage employs only ASE certified mechanics, ensuring that your vehicle is in the best hands possible.


ASE Certifications benefit:

The Technician: Written proof of exceptional skills allow mechanics to be paid higher wages and work at outstanding auto repair shops.

The Employer: Assurance of technician’s expertise is vital to assembling a knowledgeable staff.

The Consumer: Individuals can garner peace of mind knowing that certified expert technicians are working on their vehicles.

NAPA Auto Care Center

NAPA AutoCare is the largest network of independent mechanics in North America; and has been trusted by millions of satisfied customers.

Ron’s Garage is a part of this thriving network, guaranteeing quality service.

Every repair performed at Ron’s Garage includes a free Peace of Mind Warranty to cover parts and labor. This guarantee expends for 24 months or 24,000 miles, and any trouble with your repair will be covered at no extra charge.

NAPA quality goes a long way. Whether you’re in need of major repairs, routine maintenance, or a vehicle inspection; Ron’s Garage has ASE certified mechanics ready to go to work for you.


Ron’s Garage in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is the most trusted auto repair shop in the area.

With exclusively ASE certified mechanics and the NAPA guarantee, you can be assured that your vehicle will be taken care of with the utmost care and expertise.

If you’re in need of:


Ron’s Garage in Ann Arbor is the local auto repair shop you can trust!

When it comes to your vehicle, don’t take a chance. Ron’s Garage knows that quality services at a fair price matters to you.

Contact Ron’s Garage or visit them today to schedule your appointment with the experts who have been proudly serving Ann Arbor since 1982!