It’s not worth fixing, or is it worth fixing

Ron’s Garage in Ann Arbor hears this question often and we do see a lot of cars that are not worth fixing. If the value of your car doubles every time you fill it up with gas it’s probably time to get rid of it. Eventually all good things come to an end even our cars that we love, but a lot of times it is worth fixing. Let’s say you can only afford a $2-5000.00 car. Chances are very good that the “new” car is going to need extensive work as well, unless you have really good luck. Ron’s Garage feels you are better off fixing the “junk” you already have instead of buying someone else’s junk and fixing it up. If you add the cost of the new car plus the cost of repairs the “new car” will need, it is usually always cheaper to fix the one you have. Plus you know the history of your current car and really the main reason you don’t think it is worth fixing is because you’re mad at it. Come to Ron’s Garage can make it like new again.

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