Why do brakes cost so much? Are some brakes better that others?

Why do brakes cost so much? Are some brakes better that others?

First there is really no such thing as a $79.99 “brake job.” Ron’s Garage has been repairing brakes in Ann Arbor for over 35 years and we have repaired the damage caused from a lot of $79.95 brake jobs. A lot of repair shops think a “brake job” is what we call at Ron’s Garage a “pad slap.” They remove the wheels, slap some pads on and sometimes replace the brake rotors and 15 minutes later they are done. And 20,000 miles later you need new brakes again. Unfortunately in Michigan and other rust belt states “pad slaps” do not last. Why ? Because of the rust this climate creates. Your brake pads and calipers must be free of rust so all the parts can “float” after the brake pedal is released. Rust holds the brake pads against the rotors after releasing the brake pedal, causing premature failure, squeaks, vibration, and other noises.

Second… let’s address the quality of parts. I know for a fact that a lot of shops charge you for the best parts and install the “cheapo” parts. Robbing you blind. 20,000 miles later after they fail you are “S.O.L.”… Ron’s Garage only installs Premium brake parts to protect you from this type of scenario. These parts are as good or better than what came on your car when it was new.

Third… we then disassemble the brakes, measure the rotors, clean and lube the calipers slides, check the caliper boots and seals, Remove and sandblast the rust off the brake pad cradles, paint the cradles with a rust resistant paint. After the paint dries everything is reassembled. The car is the test driven to seat the new brake pads and rotors together. This is done to prevent any squeaks and noises and is a very important step. this step alone take on average 20 minutes. 4th Our Free courtesy shuttle picks you up, we relieve you of some of your hard earned money, give you a 3 year 36,000 mile parts and labor warranty. And thank you like you have never been thanked before!

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