Winter Tires

What do winter tires and your insurance deductible have in common?. Actually nothing, except they are very similar in cost. With the cost of auto insurance premiums today most people have a $1000.00 dollar deductible. A new set of 4 winter tires on wheels cost about $1000.00 dollars. (It’s not safe to run only 2 winter tires because the significant difference it traction). Winter tires should last between 4-5 years if installed and removed at the proper times of the year, so it’s really only about $250.00 to $300.00 a year and your summer tires will also last considerably longer. I have had customers call me personally to thank me after their first drive in the snow with their new winter tires. One customer said it was like driving on “Velcro”. Another said she looked forward to it snowing now so she can go out and “Play in the snow” with her car. They really do work that well! One trip into a ditch or sliding into a curb will you cost way more than a set of winter tires, and how much does a day off work cost? Winter tires sell out quick and once they are gone they are gone. Google: “winter tire test” to see just how amazing they really are. Ron’s Garage in Ann Arbor sells and installs Goodyear, Kelly and Dunlop winter tires and even stores your off season tires hear at the garage, so you don’t have to trip over them all year long. Call and make an appointment today!

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