Winterizing Your Vehicle in Ann Arbor, MI

Winterizing Your Vehicle in Ann Arbor, MI

There are a few “must do’s” if you want your car to be prepared for the cold and snowy winter in Ann Arbor MI

First and foremost is the battery. The average life of a battery in Ann Arbor is only 5 years, and just because your car still starts today does not mean your battery is in tip top shape. Have your Battery tested in Ann Arbor to make sure your car will start when the temperature drops. Next, Engine coolant/Anti freeze is also very important, It not only keeps your engine cool in the hot summer months but it protects the inside of you engine,radiator, heater core ect. from corrosion.

Anti freeze should be mixed at 60% anti freeze to 40% water to assure it doesn’t freeze. Tires in Ann Arbor during the winter are your lifeline, driving on ice and snow can be dangerous. One trip into the ditch or a day off work can also be very expensive. Most cars on the road today have an all season tread meaning they work in the summer as well as the winter so you can run them all year long. A specialized winter tire works much better. It has a softer rubber compound so it works in lower temps and actually grips on ice. it’s almost like driving on “Velcro”. The only disadvantage to a winter tires is you have remove them in the spring, and the disadvantage to all season tires is you don’t get the great features and benefits of a seasonal/winter tire.

Also during the winter month we will be driving a lot more in the dark, so check all your bulbs, and if your head light lenses are cloudy have them polished, it makes a huge difference at night. Ron’s Garage in Ann Arbor can recondition your head lights and make them like new again with a lifetime guarantee. Now is a good time to replace your wiper blades with a “winter wiper blade” they resist freezing and work much better than conventional blades, make sure your washer solvent is good for at least 20 degrees below zero, the summer washer solvent is good to only about 20 degrees and then it will freeze. We all know driving without washers on a wet salty road is miserable. It’s also a good idea to have a warm pair of boots, a warm blanket, flashlight, flares and a extra bottle of washer solvent in case an emergency arises. Ron’s Garage in Ann Arbor has a courtesy inspection that will reveal any issues you may need to resolve to have safe and happy winter travels.

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