Battery Corrosion

Battery Corrosion

What happens when my battery is corroded?

Your car battery powers your lights, engine, radio, and other accessories. Without it, your car won’t start. When batteries become corroded, it can decrease the voltage to the starter making it hard to start, especially with larger build ups. If left too long, it can also corrode the cable ends. You might notice that it occasionally impacts your A/C, radio, or onboard computer as well.

What exactly causes battery corrosion?

Small amounts of corrosion are normal, especially if your battery is a few years old. Your battery is filled with sulfuric acid which escapes through the vents in the battery as your engine heats up and cools down. Over time, this acid builds up on the battery, terminal ends, and connectors.

How can I prevent battery corrosion?

Removing the build up is a simple process with many home remedies. Ron’s Garage offers a convenient Battery Service to take care of the mess for you! Our technicians will use Battery Corrosion spray to remove the corrosion with a metal brush. Then to prevent future corrosion, we apply Battery Terminal Protector, which provides a protective layer to your battery terminals and connectors.

For more information on batteries visit our Battery Blog Post. If you are having battery issues, please give Ron’s Garage a call at 734-662-8379 to book your diagnosis appointment.