Ron’s Garage: Great for Mini Repairs and Maintenance

Ron’s Garage: Great for Mini Repairs and Maintenance

Mini Repairs and Maintenance, Service Intervals

That beautiful car that you spent a considerable sum of money on is your pride and joy. The sparkle that catches your eye after a wash, the smell of the interior as you slip behind the wheel, the handling as you round a curve a little quicker than you should. Your Mini is, unfortunately, not the most reliable of vehicles. The good news is that Mini repairs and maintenance do not have to break the bank. Being attentive to the needs of your car and staying on top of service intervals will go a long way to keeping you behind the wheel of your gorgeous automobile.

Dealer vs. Garage

Cost of Mini Repairs and Maintenance

AutoMD has consistently shown throughout the years that consumers can save an average of $300 per year by servicing their vehicles at a local garage rather than through the dealership where they purchased the car. Your dealer will throw all sorts of arguments at you (relationship, OEM parts are more reliable, better-trained mechanics) to lure you back for all your service needs, but none of these hold any water. Mini repairs can and should be done by your trusted local mechanic

Cost of Travel Time

The other consideration, especially with Mini, is the distance to the dealership. Mini is notorious for not having a location near you. The closest dealer to us here in Ann Arbor is over 30 miles away. Not only will you save significant amounts of money on the service, but you won’t have to figure out how to get your car 30 miles away to have it looked at.

Common Mini Issues

Your Mini Cooper will need regularly scheduled maintenance (think tire rotation, oil change, transmission flush, brake pad replacement, etc.) and it will require situational-specific service. Listen to your car and be attentive to what it is trying to tell you. Do you hear a new squeal when applying the brakes? Does it dip when coming to a stop? Or maybe it has been so long since someone looked at it, you can’t even remember the last service. 

Here are a few specific known issues with Mini’s:

Transmission failure was so prevalent in the first-generation Minis (2002-2006) that a lawsuit forced BMW to address it with a transmission-specific warranty. 

The radiator support is located in front and low to the ground, and coupled with the fact that it is plastic, it is easily damaged when you get too friendly with a curb.

The power steering pump was problematic enough that it generated a recall from BMW.

Clutch failure was an all-too-common occurrence in both first- and second-generation vehicles (2002-2013). Hard driving was often the culprit, occasionally giving out at 20,000 miles. 

These issues and many more can be addressed by the friendly techs at Ron’s.

Why is Ron’s Garage the Best Option?

Ron’s Garage has been serving the community of Ann Arbor for almost 40 years. With three ASE-certified technicians on staff that are trained to use the latest tools and equipment when servicing your Mini Cooper. When you drop off the car that you love, you want to know that your car is being repaired by a professional. When you leave it with an ASE-certified mechanic, you can be confident that those servicing it are doing so with the best automotive education possible. 

So come by and say hello to Lucy and Lily, they will no doubt be happy to see you. Book an appointment today!